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Having used turmeric succesfully on my 31 year old mare for the past four years, the pellets from The Golden Paste Company have been amazing. The results are just as good as if not a little better than when I was making the paste myself and I don’t have to worry about keeping it fresh!

Gemma Williams / Website

What a superb company. I love their products and Janine gave me advice on the dosage for my 2 Rotties for the Turmoil within seconds even it was outside working hours. Will recommend this company and outstanding service to all my friends. Thank you โ˜บ

Sonja Ali / Facebook
Turmeric, piperine and flax oil capsules

I have been using the TurmOil capsules for well over a year now. I don’t feel winter like I used to and find summer much more manageable. The paste is not to my liking, in fact its fairly grim but these work great for me –
Thank you.

D. Abott / Website
Turmeric, piperine and flax oil capsules

Placebo or not, these have changed my life. I have not been snivelling half as much as I would have expected. Although not convinced its these capsules, I am not quite prepared to stop taken them either!

Emma W / Website

This is my second order. I have read up on making it myself. I just is alot easier to order it premade, and my dog roxie seems to not mind it. I had emailed them with some questions and they got back to me very quickly. I love the bags they come in. I can either freeze them or smear them in the mold to freeze it in individual servings for her.

Susan Schoenradt / Trustpilot
White Fish, sweet potato and TurmOil Supplementsยฎ to deliver activated turmeric in a treat

I have to say your service has been faultless, my order was delivered today on time and I had regular updates of where my order was…. great service, I will happily order through you again ๐Ÿ™‚

T. Riley / Facebook

I’m now on my 3rd 3kg bag of the Turmeric Pellets and my horse absolutely loves them. It’s so much easier for me too to just add a scoopful (that comes provided) to his feed. Communications are fab too as I had loads of questions on my first order, will definitely keep using the pellets. Thanks again for a wonderful product and service.

Faye / Facebook